Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dresden Fireworks

Last year I donated a small quilt to the SAQA Benefit Auction called Dresden Daisies The asymmetric paper-pieced Dresden Plates reminded me of fireworks exploding in the sky and seemed a good choice to try for the 2017 auction. Check it out.

I used an app on my iPad to sketch out the general idea. 

Sketch of design idea done in Paper53 on my iPad

The design process included drafting the individual units in EQ7, and selecting a color scheme and fabric. Based on past experience and what catches my eye when I browse through the SAQA auction catalog, the brighter and more hi-contrast the better.
EQ7 blocks

Color choices -- I only had a fat quarter of the purple-blue background, but it seemed perfect.

Just like with the Daisies, the 'aerial explosions' were paper pieced individually and then appliqued onto the matching background fabric. The background behind the explosion is then cut-away to allow removal of the foundations. I used That Patchwork Place Foundation paper. It is feeds through the ink-jet nicely and tears off really easily, even using a regular stitch length. Amazing!
Quilt top with aerial explosions appliqued on
 The Dresden Plate centers were 'fussy cut' and appliqued on with a little stuffing. The top was sprayed basted to wool batting and then embroidered with 3 different hand-dyed #8 perl cottons from Laura Wasilowski. I again used the iPad app to try out some different ideas for the stitching.

Photo of quilt top layered with wool batting that was then imported into iPad app to add stitching ideas.

Dresden Fireworks -- stitched, machine quilted and bound.

The backing was added after the embroidery was done, which makes hiding all the knots and thread ends really simple. Machine quilting in-the-ditch and a few stars in the back ground secure the layers. The backing is a heavier cotton sateen with a 'print on demand' image created with permission from one of my sister-in-law's paintings. I used up all (and I do mean ALL) the remaining background fabric for the 'butted' binding. There are folded triangles in the upper corners for hanging.

I also machine quilted the label info in cursive. I used red King Tut, but it doesn't show quite a much as I'd like. I might redo this before sending it off -- if I'm lucky, I'll never see it again.

UPDATE: I shared a photo with Laura Wasilowski and she posted a very nice plug.
Thanks Laura. Love the thread!

UPDATE, UPDATE: Dresden Fireworks sold for $150 in the SAQA benefit auction. Yeah!

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