Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Big Cats, Little Cats

I am participating in a book bee, reading and quilting our way through Carolyn Friedlander's Savor Each Stitch. Simultaneously, I saw a couple of Janeen van Niekerk's foundation pieced cat silhouette blocks on Pinterest and then found her patterns on EQ7 ( ). I thought the cats would be fun, if a bit challenging to make, and was playing with arranging them in a custom set. The reclining cat 'accidently' set itself as a HUGE block behind the smaller ones. VOILA... Scale.
EQ7 Mock-up

Pre-cutting pieces for paper piecing.
Live cat helping piece the fabric cat

Little Cats pieced and testing out background

After making the little cats, I had to piece the big cat, with adjustments to the pattern to 'piece in' the little cats. I printed the pattern at Kinko's, full size, arranged the little cats, adjusted some of the lines, and then traced onto freezer paper to cut apart and make the piecing templates.

Kinko's printed Big Cat pattern with pieced Little Cats positioned

Freezer paper pattern ready to cut apart

Sections pieced and ready to join

Vinyl overlay to test out quilting choices
Quilting was done with various 100wt Silks to match the backgrounds. The gray background is quilted with a loose fill reminiscent of balls of string, unraveling string, a cat toy, and a mouse.
Helper cat ready to pounce in case the quilt tries to escape
Mouse quilted into the gray background.
Each cat has a different background fill, and spikey fur in a matching thread
Top quilted and waiting for binding (~40"x54")
After auditioning some binding choices (see above), I've decided to go with gray, matching the background, with an accent of navy blue perl cotton couched in the ditch. I love how this is turning out and have learned a lot about foundation piecing while Savoring Each Stitch. This is my work in progress, not just for the week, but pretty much for the summer. Hope you are making progress too.


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Final quilt, with binding and couched accent