Friday, January 31, 2014

Hands all around

This will be quick, because it was quick. A long-time co-worker retired this week. About 2 weeks ago we got the idea to make a quilt featuring the hands of people she has worked with. In the space of 14 days we collected tracings of 70 people's hands on prefused fabric, arranged everything on the background, ironed in place, free-motion quilted around every single hand, bound it (with a really nice couched on black chenille cord), made a label with everyone's name, and presented it (yesterday). In the spirit of doing it and not worrying about perfect, there was NO ripping out for small bobbles off the line. One slightly noticeable booboo got inked over with white permanent ink.

Hands of the Breast Center: Giving Life to Possible
I guess many hands make light work.