Sunday, October 16, 2016


One of my very dear colleagues is an avid gardener and this spring when he got starts for his backyard 'farm', he got some for me too. Ichiban eggplant. These are wonderful, prolific eggplants and we are still getting fruits. The eggplant 'fruits' are long and thin, with thin edible skins and are absolutely delicious. I wanted to surprise my friend and thank him.

Ichiban Eggplant Ichiban Eggplant -- quilt

This little 9x21 wall quilt (hopefully to be hung in my friend's office) was drawn free-hand but loosely based on numerous images that I have of the real thing. The eggplant and stems are raw-edge applique and are held down with free-motion edge stitching in a heavy purple thread. The free-motion stitched lettering is embellished with hand embroidery.

Detail of embroidery Ichiban Back with fast corners

Ichiban detail

I also free-motion stitched my name and the year -- this is getting easier and at least this time I got the spelling right. The detail also shows my signature couched perl cotton in the ditch next to the binding. I stitch on the folded binding, pull it to the back and glue-baste in place, and then couch the perl cotton down with a narrow zigzag to catch the edge of the binding on the back.

If you have, thanks for reading. Would love to hear what you think.


PS One additional embellishment -- ANTS, beautiful irridescent purple and green ANTS.
Detail of beaded ants

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